“Imagine that we were all candles 🕯

There is a costless, couragous, caring and compassionate ACTION for all of us to take whenever we see or meet another human being in dispair, feeling lonely or hopeless. In the awesome book by Dr. Dan Siegel: Aware – the science and practice of presence. He writes: “Imagine that we were all candles. If we think… Læs mere »

The secret to happiness 💥

“Happiness is not the opposite of unhappiness, any more than the blue sky is the opposite of the clouds. Just as the clouds are the veiling of the blue sky, so unhappiness is the veiling of happiness.” – Rupert Spira www.araca.dk

Om at miste sig selv❓

Inspireret af Søren Kirkegaard: “Hvad gavner det dig, at du vinder hele verden, hvis du mister dig selv❓” De bedste hilsnerARACA® – det handler om dig.™Anna Helene Hjort 🥰 www.araca.dk