“Imagine that we were all candles 🕯

There is a costless, couragous, caring and compassionate ACTION for all of us to take whenever we see or meet another human being in dispair, feeling lonely or hopeless.

In the awesome book by Dr. Dan Siegel:

Aware – the science and practice of presence.

He writes:

“Imagine that we were all candles.

If we think that we consist only of a clump of wax that is never engaged to give off light – that is never lit – then we have a sense of what it means to think of the self as only a body and a mind as only a feature of our head.

On the contrary, each of us is capable of carrying a flame – and furthermore, of sharing our light.

If your family and society, on the other hand, send you the message that you must be the most distinguished and unique candle in the bunch, any other candle that is shining brightly becomes a threat to your uniqueness. Your tendency might be to feel inadequate in the glow of other candles, and you might even feel motivated to blow out their wicks so that your flame will be the brightest.

Now imagine a different kind of world.

What if who we are is not only the wax but also the light of our flame?

And when we glance at another candle that is not lit, we lean over and light their wick – we share our light.

You see, it takes nothing away from us to share our energy.

And what does it do to the world?

It makes the world a brighter place to live.” ❤️

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Anna Helene Hjort 🌞

Anna Helene Hjort – certificeret ICF Coach


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